WebZIP is an offline browser application for Windows computers
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WebZIP is an offline browser application for Windows computers. Offline browsers were significantly more popular a couple of years ago than they are now, mainly because of the increased penetration of high-speed Internet services. However, WebZIP still offers some ways to justify having one of these. The main use you could give to such application would be to archive sites that are so fast-changing that other means of recording are not appropriate. The graphical interface is similar to that of Windows Explorer. On the left, you will see a list of your projects. Those are the sites that you have downloaded. More to the right are the actual websites. WebZIP will download everything that is on a site. You can even specify how deep you want the application to grab content. In other words, you can tell it how far it can go before finishing. There is a great additional feature that makes using this application much easier. You can queue several sites and they will all be downloaded one after the other. The download time will increase significantly if you carry out complete downloads.

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